Springtime 2021 and a Gorgeous Grilled Shrimp Louie Recipe

by Boschek

Spring has finally arrived. It seemed to take forever. The winter was long and cold, so cold that all of the leaves on our cherry laurel bushes died, turned brown and fell off. Even the daffodils froze because we had such low temperatures so late in the spring. Now, however, the apple trees are in full bloom and the yards and gardens are beaming in bright, fresh green.

A friend from California mentioned making Shrimp Louie, a takeoff on the famous Crab Louie of San Francisco fame, and we took it as a reason to try the recipe ourselves. Not being from California we had not had the pleasure of this “king of all salads,” and having a couple of bags of beautiful, diver-caught shrimp, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try something new. A look around the Internet took us to Chef John Mitzewich of Foodwishes.com and his take on this classic recipe with the special treat of grilled shrimp. His dressing for this salad is so delicious that it is worth making even if you are not going to prepare the full salad. Please click here to go to the full recipe in our recipe archive.

Just as spring was about to show itself our sweet 2-year old German Shepherd Halgrim became seriously ill. After about 10 days of frantic efforts to determine what was wrong with him we learned that he had tetanus or lockjaw, stemming from an infected tooth. We are relieved that after about four weeks of intensive care and treatment Halgrim is almost completely recovered. He has lost a lot of weight and will need some time to regain it.

Taking care of Halgrim was an around-the-clock endeavour, so other activities such as pie baking or working on projects around the house came to a halt. Finally, Karin found time to try out some new designs for pie decorations and some new fillings, as well. We will be posting more pie-related material here and on Karin’s site: elegant-pie.com.