About Us

Karin Pfeiff Boschek and Dr. Bruce Boschek


In Goethe’s garden, Weimar, Germany – Picture by Grady McDavit

Bruce was born in northern Indiana, USA, moved to Europe in September of 1965 and has lived in Germany ever since.
Karin is from central Hesse in the geographic centre of Germany, just north of Frankfurt/Main.
We met at a French course in 1982 and have been cooking together ever since.
Bruce does much of the cooking, Karin takes all of the pictures and both are responsible for the design of this site.




In the summer of 2005 we purchased a house in the Antrifttal on the edge of the Vogelsberg National Park. Since that time we have moved in and have been renovating, restoring and rebuilding. The 100-year old house originally served as an abbey for nuns of the order of St. Elisabeth.

Aside from installing 47 new windows, new gutters and downspouts we are doing all of the design, planning and renovation work ourselves (with a little help from our friends). There is still much work to be done, however the main floor (second story) is finished so we have kitchen, pantry, dining room and living room. Our sleeping quarters and Karin’s studio are still on the top floor.The third floor is finally taking shape in the end of 2011 and we hope to move into our offices, bedrooms and library on that floor in the first months of 2017.