Another week begins

by Boschek

Busy days. We have been working on our home again, washing and touching up the paint on our 47 windows, organizing tools and moving furniture around to begin the last work on the third floor. Karin has plastered the last wall in our store room on the fourth floor, too. It just needs painting and then we can move things in there that are in the way. In addition the grass has been growing so fast that I have had to mow every few days. To make things better one of our mowers broke down (a minor repair, but we had to order the parts) and on and on.

This is not to say that we have not been cooking! Karin made some marvelous cinnamon rolls on Saturday.


They were wonderfully light and fluffy. We gave half of them to our friends and they enjoyed them with their afternoon coffee, just as we did.

For Sunday morning breakfast I made an omelette with bacon, onion, red, green and yellow bell pepper and chili. When it had set I sprinkled grated Bergkäse and Parmesan cheese on top and ran it under the grill for a couple of minutes. We had French bread and a fine Asam tea with it.


We have limited our gardening to a small plot at the compost pile and some Swiss chard near the terrace, but as usual the curcubits are out of control. We have lovely patty pan squash, hokkaido pumpkins and zucchini. Oh yes, we have zucchini. I was delighted to find a recipe from Emeril Lagasse for a curried zucchini soup and it is a keeper for sure. You can find the recipe in our recipe section (from the menu above). I made some little North African spiced meatballs to put in it, but it would be fine as a vegetarian recipe all by itself.



We had some leftover zucchini soup and meatballs this evening and I believe it tasted even better after being refrigerated for 24 hours.

Hope this finds everyone well and enjoying the late summer.