Early Springtime 2023

We have been blessed with so much lovely weather these last weeks, it’s difficult to remember the cold, grey winter we left behind. Spring came early this year and brought wonderful warm days and pleasant cool evenings. We also began taking our 3-year old German Shepherd, Halgrim out to the lake for walks and we all have been enjoying that a lot. Halgrim had never been swimming before, but he took to the water like the proverbial duck! The lake is actually a reservoir, the Antrift Valley Water Basin, with an earthen dam on the north end and it is completely surrounded by forest and open fields. There is a nice, 3 km paved path all the way around the lake and we usually walk about a third of it and then return as that is about as much as Halgrim really feels comfortable walking.

Karin continues creating amazing pies and is developing new designs almost every day. Her book Elegant Pie continues to appear on the best-seller lists and has received much positive criticism. Her website, Elegant-Pie has become quite popular for people interested in her pies and wanting her recipes.

Here are two of Karin’s recent creations:

As always, we enjoy spending time in our gardens and are delighted with the early roses that bloom.